Perplexed by Hope Chest? Check out our frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your concern addressed below, email us at

  1. What is the difference between Hope Chest and Hope Chest Plus?
    Both Hope Chest and Hope Chest Plus search your family tree for individuals who are ready for temple ordinances and save those names to Hope Chest under specific labels. Hope Chest Plus offers users the option of making more specific searches. Hope Chest Plus users can search for individuals whom need specific ordinances (such as baptism, confirmation, endowment, or sealings) or whom are at a specific level of completion (Complete, Needs More Information, Reserved). Hope Chest Plus also allows users to search for individuals born within a certain time period.
  2. Can I access my Hope Chest account from any computer?
    Yes! Each Hope Chest account is tied to a specific Family Search account. This means that, once the standard version of Hope Chest has been installed on a device, you can access your Hope Chest account from any computer. Please note that you must be logged into the Family Search account that corresponds to your Hope Chest account. For example, you will not be able to access Hope Chest if you are logged into a family member’s account.
  3. I purchased Hope Chest Plus! How do I access the new features?
    After submitting your payment for Hope Chest Plus, no further action should be needed on your part to complete the upgrade. Simply open the Hope Chest menu, click on Settings, and adjust as desired.
  4. The Hope Chest button disappeared OR I can’t find Hope Chest! How do I get it back?
    Please make sure you are using Google Chrome and logged into the correct Family Search account. Open the Chrome browser menu (click the three horizontal lines next to the star) and select “Extensions.” Find Hope Chest in the list of extensions, and click “Enable.” If a new window pops up, click “Re-enable.” Return to Family Search and refresh the browser. The Hope Chest button will reappear next to URL bar.
  5. My screen froze OR the “Request” button didn’t work. What do I do?
    Click the reload button, then go back and try again.
  6. Hope Chest is stuck in an infinite loop. What happened?
    This occurs when there is a problem in the line being searched. For example, an individual (We’ll call him “Bob.”) is listed as his own great-grandfather. Hope Chest is stuck searching Bob-Fred-George-Bob over and over and over. Fixing the error in your family tree will solve this issue.
  7. Is the Hope Chest default setting to find names with no duplicates?
    Yes, and Family Search updated in 2015 to prevent users from saving names to the Temple List if there are possible duplicates. However, you should look at the name in Landscape mode to see if there is an arrow indicating other spouses. Merge any duplicate spouses and then save the name to your Temple List.
  8. Is there an easier way to find my place when I return to the name list in Hope Chest? I don’t want to click on the files I am working on with every single name.
    Yes. Every time you click on the green tree by a person’s name in the Hope Chest list, a check mark is automatically placed next to the name. Always keep Hope Chest open. When you are ready to stop, go into Hope Chest and delete every name with a check mark. Next, close Family Search. When you are ready to get back to work, open Family Search and click on the drop-down menu next to “Person.” There you will find all of the files you were working on, and the remaining names will still be in Hope Chest.
  9. When I opened Hope Chest today, all my names were gone! What happened?
    This has only happened once, and it occurred during a technical issue with Hope Chest’s server. When the issue with the server was resolved, all the names were restored. Please note that your names and labels are not stored on your computer. This is done so you can access your Hope Chest information from any computer.
  10. How do I make sure I have the most up-to-date version of Hope Chest?
    Open your Google Chrome browser menu, and go to Tools-Extensions-Developer Mode (at the top of the page). Click on “Update Extensions Now.” Your Hope Chest app will update similarly to your other apps.
  11. Why does Hope Chest select individuals who were born less than 110 years ago and thus not eligible to receive temple ordinances?
    The ability to narrow your search to individuals born within a certain time span is one of our Hope Chest Plus features. Upgrade to Hope Chest Plus-- we know you’ll love it!
  12. Is Hope Chest certified with Family Search?
    Hope Chest is listed in the Family Search app gallery but it not currently a certified app.
  13. My computer will freeze if I open more than two programs. I can do a Hope Chest search, but I can’t open the Chest to see what names were found. Am I lacking something with my computer?
    Yes, your computer may not have the minimum system requirements to make using Family Search and other programs fast and enjoyable.
  14. Hope Chest and Computer Systems
    Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements for Family Search and Hope Chest? Check your system by right clicking on My Computer. If you’re using Windows 10, right click on This PC. Then left click on Properties. On the next page is the basic information about your computer. Processor: A dual core processor is the minimum for light single tasks. A fast quad core is the next step. The Intel processors last longer and are designed for smoother multitasking and faster start-up times.
    o For example, while Hope Chest is searching one of your lines in FamilySearch, you might also have Puzzilla open, your email, and your antivirus working in the background. You might need to upload pictures or audios to Family Search or Facebook, edit a picture in Photoshop, and be listening to music you have on your hard drive. o If this describes how your pc is being used and you have a child or spouse that likes 3D gaming, consider getting an Intel Core i7-6700K CPU at 4.00GHz processor or the i5-6000. These processors are optimized for Windows 10. They also work great with Windows 7 and 8. If you’re not a gamer, consider getting the i5-6000. · RAM: 4 GB is the minimum. 8 GB is good. 16 GB is better. Think of it this way. If you were helping a help a friend move their king size bed to their new home 10 miles away, which would you use?

    A) Handcart
    B) Truck with a short bed.
    C) Truck with a long bed.

    System type: if you have a 32-bit Operating system, consider upgrading to a 64-bit system as an early birthday gift to yourself.
    What about your C drive?
    The C drive is where all your programs, pictures, etc. are stored. Open My Computer (This PC) with a left click (may require a double left click). On the next page you can see how big your C drive is and how much space is available. Minimum size is 200 GB. 500 GB is better.
    The fuller the drive gets the slower it will load. The techs I use suggest keeping 20% available. Less than 20% could drastically reduce the performance of your computer. A Solid-state drive, unlike traditional hard drives, does not have moving parts. Solid-state drives last much longer and are four times faster.
    How fast is your internet Connection?
    Go to to check you internet speed. The minimum speed required to use Hope Chest is 12 Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload. However, if someone else in your home is online watching a movie the same time you are doing your FamilySearch, you’re going to be limited on what you can do online. You might find your internet speed is slow when almost every young person in your neighborhood is online after school. Trying to open the name list in your Hope Chest at Church, when everyone else is there, is very difficult. The same is true with the internet connection speeds at hotels and airports.
    Faster is better. Compare what internet speeds are available in your neighborhood. In some areas you can get 90 Mbps download and 6+ Mbps upload speed.